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The Meta Maker Wizard 2.2

Meta Maker Wizard helps you to create meta tags for web pages
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The Meta Maker Wizard is easy to install and its wizard style interface guides you through the process of creating metatags to add them to web pages in a simple way. When the program is launched, the wizard also prompts you to load up previously created tags, but these have been created by the program. At this point, you can leave the entry blank or choose 'none' and continue to create new tags.

Once you have finished creating the tags you want, the wizard will display a list of them and provide you with the options of saving the tags for loading and editing them later, copying them to the clipboard for pasting into your web page code using your HTML editor or clearing everything to start the wizard again. Meta Maker Wizard also allows you to input such information as the title of your web page, description, keywords and robots, as well as information about the author and author's e-mail and it also displays the number of characters entered so that you knew when the recommended limits have been reached, providing a handy guide.

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  • Can improve search engine optimization


  • Requires VB6 Runtime files
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